Manicure & Pedicure

For the Hands & Feet


Indulge yourself with our very own POSH 3-steps pampering kit. Your pampering will start with an exfoliation of the skin, followed by trimming and shaping of the nails, callus removal, cuticle treatment, light massage and polish of your choice.

Indulgence ManicureRM70
Indulgence PedicureRM80

A “facial for the hands and feet”. Luxurious pampering including all of the essentials plus seasonal treatments with a stimulating masque and serum to further improve impurities, and a therapeutic massage.

Signature ManicureRM155
Signature PedicureRM175

Seven layers of thinly and carefully applied gel coatings that not only beautify but strengthen the nails too.

Gel ManicureRM145
Gel PedicureRM155
Gel PolishRM85
Treatment & Care
Ingrown Nail RecoveryRM75 per nail
Corn and Warts RemovalRM20 per corn
Fungal Nail TreatmentRM75
Nail Rehab TreatmentRM65
Nail Boost TreatmentRM65
Nail Rebalance TreatmentRM50
Nail Restoration Treatment
To strenghten your natural nails so that they can grow long and healthy, and to ensure the nail plate is tough to withstand any nail enhancements.
Callus Heel Care
Effectively removes tough calluses leaving the skin on the foot rejuvenated.
Foot Rescue Treatment
Relief on the 3 C's of calluses, corns and cracked dry skin on the heels.
Sculpture Gel Nail Extensions
Full SetRM280
Single NailRM30
Nail Tips Enhancement
Full SetRM200
Single NailRM25
Infill Gel Extensions
Full SetRM180
Single NailRM20
Gel Overlay
Full SetRM150
Single NailRM18
Extension RemovalRM80
Everything Else
Nail ArtRM8 - 25
Buff to ShineRM20
Care GelRM20
French / GradientRM35
Gel RemovalRM35
Trim N' ShapeRM20
Just PaintRM20
Express ManiRM40
Express PediRM40
Mini Mani*RM30
Mini Pedi*RM30
(*for kids aged 10 and below)