Ungel Yourself

Since all nail salons are closed over this RMO, we’ve seen many people sharing their grown-out manicures, wondering how to remove gel nail polish at home.

We hear you! And we’re here to share the proper technique, which will keep your cuticles and nail plate protected while removing at home.

Image from Instagram/ @oliveandjune
Image from Instagram/ @oliveandjune

What you need?

You’ll need a towel to protect your table, nail file, cuticle pusher, buffer, cuticle oil, gel polish remover, cotton and aluminum foil. We strongly recommend the Agape DIY Nail Care Kit. Visit IG @poshagape.my for more info.


Step 1: Removing the glossy surface

Buff off the top layer of your gel manicure with a nail file/ buffer. This is to break open the top layer of gel to help acetone penetrate and ease the removal process later on. Be careful not to file too long on the same area to avoid damaging your nail surface. Repeat the process and stop once the glossy surface is removed.

Step 2: Soak nails in gel remover

Soak a small piece of cotton in gel remover, a.k.a. pure acetone. Only proper gel remover can effectively and quickly break down the gel polish, be sure you get the right product. The cotton should be fully soaked with remover, then place on top of each nail and secure it with aluminum foil. Repeat the process on all nails and leave it to soak for 15 minutes.

Step 3: Removing the gel from nails

Starting from the first nail that you wrapped, slowly remove the foil. Use a pusher/ orangewood stick, begin to loosen the gel on each nail until it is removed completely. This should not require a lot of pressure. If the gel polish is being stubborn give it another 3-5 minutes to soak and then try again. The nails should soak until the gel appears to be bubbling and crumpled. If some residue remains on your nail, use a soft buffer to file it of gently.

Step 4: Care for your nails

After removing the gel, use soft buffer to smooth out the surface of the nail. The remover is drying, so it’s important to apply cuticle oil to restore moisture to your nails and ample of lotion to your hands too.

You may refer to the following video showing the whole process in 4 easy steps.
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